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1. Three things you have/would put on TumblrSavior.

One Direction, Supernatural and The Hunger Games.   

2. What would you never be caught wearing?


3. Wish you were brave enough to do….what? 

Pick up guys more.

4. Legal drug of choice (i.e alcohol, chocolate, coffee, ect…)


5. What hotter - guys who cook or guys who like kittens? 

Guys who like kittens.

6. What’s your comfort food? Any other comfort objects?


7. A song/band/tv show you wanna facepalm yourself for ever liking, and how old were you when you did. 

Backstreet Boys. I think around 13.

8. Tell us the last time you cried/wanted to cry from happiness.

Probably one of the last times Liverpool won.

9. What could make you stop actively supporting your football team? 

Idk. If they’ll become very racist or homophobic I guess. And I’m not talking about if one player did something like that, but if as a club they did something like this. 

10. Do you think you’re a cool person? why yes/no? 

Kind of. I’m a nerd but also a bit cool. It’s not very cool to say you’re cool though. I DJ and I find that cool. 

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