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Hello. (: 27. Israel. Loves football and supports Liverpool FC. There's a lot of Benedict Cumberbatch here. Music is my radar. free counters
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steelwater steelwater Said:

4: top 10 most attractive musicians in my opinion (dead or alive).

Not in order - Bono, Larry Mullen Jr., Damon Albarn, Yannis Philippaki, Ezra Koenig, Jason Wade, Kele Okereke, Matt Berninger, Dave Gahan and Adam Levine.

6: most overrated bands.


8: a guilty pleasure band.

Imagine Dragons.

17: a song i dislike from my favourite band.

Mysterious Ways by U2.

20: favourite concert ever.

U2 at Wembley Stadium on 15/8/2009.

  1. ivegotthekittens said: I said non-U2 concet
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